Founded by filmmakers, Roller Studios makes cutting-edge content
with storytelling at its core.

Toyota x Olympics
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Toyota & Olympics

What we do


We take the kernel of an idea, and turn it into a script, storyboard, or  fully fleshed-out concept — then pitch it. Don’t even have an idea yet? We have plenty of those, too.


We leverage our deep network to put together the best team for every  project. From cinematographers to composers to production designers to heroic production assistants, we recognize that who is behind the camera matters just as much as who is in front of it.


Now this is the fun part. Whether on a beach, on a mountain, or in a studio, we put our team and our plan of action to work. We know that the best work often comes from blending preparedness with on the fly thinking, so that’s just what we do. 

Post Production

We offer full-stack post production capabilities from editing to motion graphics to sound design. We bring in some of the best in the biz – so you don’t have to.

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Oliver is a director and cinematographer whose work spans from flashy ad campaigns for Google and the Olympics to an award-winning documentary that shines light on chronic illness. Working with brands such as Samsung, Toyota, and Adobe, Oliver brings a unique aesthetic vision to everything he touches. He splits his time eating grandma-style slices in NYC and Super Burritos in his native SF.


Stephanie is a director, producer, and writer who has developed, sold, and produced projects for Netflix, Roku, and Red Bull Media House, among others. She has worked with brands such as Bose and Spotify and has had her writing featured in publications such as VICE and The New York Times. She resides in Brooklyn with her husband and their two cats, Ziggy and Finn.

Want to get rolling on a project? We’d love that. Drop us a line.